About Alicia

Alicia's Nursery Homes in Ajijic

Alicia is a graduate of the University of Guadalajara with a degree in nursing. After receiving her degree she spent another year earning a geriatrics certification. During the next 33 years she gained valuable practical experience in hospice care and in nursing homes. After so much time in the field, Alicia felt she could offer geriatric patients two very important things: excellent care and a good listening ear. So, Alicia set off to the Ajijic-Lake Chapala area with her family in search of a home where she could tend to the elderly in a family setting. That's why Alicia is "all about family".

We have 3 diferent level of care: assisted living, intermediate care and full care or nursing home.

Assisted living .- For people who still can do everything by them self but some times need a little bit of help.

Intermediate care.- For people who has a disability but mentaly are ok.

Full care or Nursing home.- For residence who has Alzheimer´s or Dementia.


In all our houses there´s 24/7 care, 3 meals a day (balance diet and always fresh food), laundry and cleaning every day, private rooms, WiFi, local transportation, cable tc, daily exercise; the most important is that when a new residence como to our place became part of our family.


Alicias Complex

La Casa de los AbuelosAll of the homes in Alicia's convalescent complex are near excellent medical and hospital care. Guadalajara, only 45 minutes away, has world-class hospitals and physicians. Alicia hopes that you enjoy your visit through this website and if you have any questions, please email her at: aliciaconvalescent@prodigy.net.mx .